What we offer

Our location says it all

JKS Consulting is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany, in the heart of Europe – a bridge between East and West and a hub for international economic relations and politics. JKS Consulting, with its location, and its links to the international financial centre London, is excellently positioned to support investments in

  • Central Europe (e.g. Poland and Hungary) and the Baltic States
  • Eastern Europe and the Caucasus (e.g. Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine)
  • South-eastern Europe (e.g. Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece)
  • Central Asia (e.g. Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyz Republic)
  • Russia
  • Turkey


What we offer

JKS Consulting Berlin offers

  • Business consultancy for investment projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey
  • Strategic and operational communications with media, NGOs and other stakeholders
  • Representation to governments, parliamentarians and public institutions
  • Political consulting

We offer our clients tailor-made solutions to address their individual requirements and specific challenges.

Our consultancy is supported by experienced lawyers, tax consultants and accountants.